The acupuncture community is trying to gain momentum with the recent ruling in New Jersey to make it illegal for Physical Therapists to perform Dry Needling. The included petition was recently filed against the Colorado Board of Physical Therapy. The next vote for ruling on the scope of practice for Colorado is in 2018 and dry needling was barely voted in the scope of practice 5-4. We didn’t even know it was up for a vote! The acupuncture society has substantially more funding and is armed against us. If Colorado were to fall after the recent events in New Jersey the dominoes may continue to change across the country.

Whether or not you use Dry Needling within your practice this is more about the growth of the profession and our place in health care. Read the petition below and look at the language and tone used in the document, it boils my skin! Another profession should not have influence on what is or is not allowed within another profession such as Physical Therapy. Self regulation, growth as a profession, and national recognition as a valued direct access practitioner is at stake. Get involved, become an APTA member, stay up to date in the news. The quarterly payments for our membership aren’t that bad and the money goes toward professional development.

If the acupuncture board wins, who’s to say that Chiropractors won’t come after us next about performing manipulations?

Get the public involved. If a patient has had good results with dry needling or physical therapy let them know that their care is at risk. The best interest of the patient should be the highest priority and that means having allowing the clinician as many tools as possible to reach their goals. Tell your patients to email the Colorado Acupuncture Board, The APTA, and their local elected government leaders.

Petition is here: Acupuncture Petition Against Colorado Physical Therapy Board

Get involved. Here is the APTA action app:



19 thoughts on “Acupuncture Petition Against Colorado Physical Therapy Board”

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  10. Danna Pelaia says:

    I am a NJ resident and an directly affected by this decision,. After 5 plus years of chronic pain, dry needling was the only thing that made me feel like myself again. Best of luck to you in your appeal

    1. tony forseen says:

      Sorry to here that Danna. Try and get in touch with the New Jersey APTA and let them know how much it helped you if possible. Hopefully a provider nearby will be able to help fill that void left by Dry Needling.

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