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How to Add and Make Link Active in Posts


Posting a feature picture with all of your posts

Once you hit the upload button and select the file (video, audio, , etc)  wanted from your computer, hit attach file in the bottom left part of the upload screen. Select the image that relates to the video or that you want others to see first. Once selected, hover over the picture and select “mark as featured.” Now your post will feature a picture on the home screen and once others click on the post, they will be able to see the rest of the uploaded article.

How to post YouTube videos?

Find the youtube video that you like and copy the address. Then go to this link (http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001002.htm) which allows you to download the video to your computer. Now that it is downloaded, you can upload it to Myptorner like you would any picture.

Why Can’t I See Any Posts?

Once you make an account and sign in make sure you are registered. Click register on the top left of the home page. Once you select the plan that you want and finish with payment details you will have access to all posts.