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How This Works

How To Get Started

1.) Sign up and create a profile in the upper right part of the screen. This allows to track and save postings

2.) Upload material – click on the upload button on the front page to add content.

3.) Find people that you like and follow them

What is this site and how does this work?

This site is for you. It’s the content sharing single location of information that physical therapy has been waiting for. This site is a collection of posts for physical therapists from physical therapists including videos, podcasts, article reviews, or audio files. When you make a login you can follow other therapists, save posts that you want to easily access again, and track how many people are following you.

How to Add Content on MyPtCorner


How to get the most out of MyPtcorner?

This site works the best when everyone remains active, the more content the better. Post, Post, Post, but also please make sure it’s relevant. Bloggers this is dynamite for you. All those genius thoughts you are putting on your personal blogs, make a post here and link it to your page for others to follow. 

Is this stuff legit?

We as admin will do our best to scour the posted content to check for authenticity and pertinence to physical therapy. If someone is posting grandma’s secret cookie recipe it will get deleted. If you find something bogus please feel free to notify us and we will remove it as soon as we can (remember we have full time jobs too).


Lawyer stuff. Even if it is open source it does not always mean it can be copied and pasted to the site. When in doubt ask permission to use material or if it has an option to share on facebook or other social media websites this it is usually fair game to share. Myptcorner is not responsible for media sharing between members. It is your responsibility to abide by all copyright and sharing laws. However, if you are having difficulty obtaining an article or information posted contact us.