Great 4 part series from Physio Tutors on the low back pain guidelines. I’ve shared all 4 videos (I found in the learning center) as well as the research article used in the making of these videos. For the recent new grads (congrats!) these videos are helpful as quick guidelines for your POC and management of LBP as you become more comfortable treating. As always Physio Tutors does a great job and absolutely worth the follow on youtube. 

Part 1: Prognosis and the normal / abnormal course of low back pain

Part 2: Screening for malignancy, fractures, and other serious pathologies as well as patient history-taking

Part 3: Examination and how to interpret findings of a patient with specific low back pain.

Part 4: Which treatment approach can be taken for the three profiles of specific low back pain.

Original Research Article:

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