The course overall was great. I have been wanting to take a dry needling course for a few years after it helped me with exercise induced compartment syndrome in PT school and was one of the many things that helped me avoid bilateral fasciotomy.

* Level of instruction: Excellent. The ratio of instructor to participate was 1:4. Meaning all questions were answering immediately and feedback was frequent and helpful. The level of safety emphasis was great and important as PTs take this into the clinic the following week. The first part of the course targeted needle safety, theory of needling, and the current evidence on the material.
* Discussed at great lengths the difference between acupuncture and dry needling including the difference evaluation, theory, origins (DN was not a branch of acupuncture) and intent.
* The amount of research conducted at the time of the course was limited and really just beginning to become popular. The instructors were great at pointing out what was proven or evidence based and what was more theory at that time.
* Emphasis placed on evaluation of neuromuscular systems and important of test/retest
* Screening for contraindications, yellow flags, and red flags. Discussed the adverse outcomes and prior cases to help avoid in the future.
* Discussed the topics of pain science and neural inhibition potential of needles
* Lab: was able to get adequate practice on each muscle and on multiple body types. Left the course feeling comfortable I could use it Monday in the clinic.
* The instructors were great. Each of them were really kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. They were easy to approach for questions and gave valuable feedback.


* By the end of the 3 day course I was done being needled. The instructors were great about that and would instruct people to only practice the setup and not perform the actual needling.
* I wanted more instruction or ideas on motor control or neuro re-ed exercises post needling. They do have a separate course called functional therapeutics which I have heard good things about and plan to attend one day.

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