I have taken 3 Herman and Wallace courses, and hope to complete my capstone in the next few years. What I learned in PF2 has been very helpful in treating many orthopedic conditions that affect the pelvic floor, including pudendal nerve dysfunction, incontinence, and constipation. My primary case load is orthopedics, but through pelvic rehab coursework and training, I have learned that if we don’t address pelvic floor dysfunction, we don’t fully see a persons potential to rehab and recover.

Holly and Tina are amazing lecturers and clinicians. They keep lectures interesting and make you very comfortable with this setting. We had 5 lab assistants, so there was always plenty of help with questions or techniques. I will absolutely take another Herman and Wallace class, and recommend this to anyone treating pelvic floor or any orthopedic PT’s wanting to broaden their scope.

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