Date taken: April 29th 2017

* Discussed in depth the biomechanics of the C/S and the difference between the upper and lower C/S
* Discussed the safety issues and the red flags that can present in patients with C/S pain. One of the better discussions of the class is how to manage the patient when they do present with red flags. Some will actually have worse outcomes if they are integrated into the whole medical system.
* Reviewed special tests and C/S evaluation to more specific and efficient
* Discussed the latest research on C/S management including manual therapy and the mechanisms, classification of C/S patients, and the emphasis on whiplash and MVA patients which can be difficult to treat.

* none really, I enjoy the manual therapy techniques and will always want more hands on time and practice. It’s nearly impossible to be proficient in manipulation in a weekend course

* Would you recommend to a colleague: Absolutely. The course was two days on C/S and upper thoracic management with an emphasis on Whiplash. I have to admit I likely was not treating my MVA patients as best as the research now says. I feel more comfortable with timelines and effective communication with those patients .

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